Hydraulic Repair

Hydraulic systems are comprised of many components. Fluid power technology is constantly evolving. The ability to service these intricate components takes technical knowledge, experience and the correct resources. 

Our experienced repair technicians have the technical knowledge and equipment necessary to deliver quality repairs, consistently.  We see a broad spectrum of components and failures on a regular basis. We have designed our evaluation process to not only address the failure but also to recognize the root cause so that our repair method is reliable.  

Within our cylinder department we have the ability to torque to 60,000 ft./lbs., breakaway to 80,000 ft./lbs. and test to 10,000 psi. We utilize a TUXCO HCS-60-L cylinder servicing machine for disassembly, assembly and torqueing. Our work areas have full overhead and jib crane coverage to enable us to safely and efficiently handle large and over-length components. We have decades of experience servicing over long stroke cylinders found in the mobile equipment, drilling and industrial industries. Our in-house machine shop, specialty processes such as bore welding and network of vendors enable us to consistently deliver.

Our component department specializes in the repair of pumps, motors, winches, valves, accumulators. We have a large variety of repair components on hand and an extensive vendor network to enable us to locate and procure some of the most obscure components. Our pump and motor testing capabilities are to 50 HP onsite and up to 1,000 HP within our network of vendors. Our in-house winch testing capability is up to 15 ton. We specialize in locating hard to find and retrofitting unavailable components. 

We think outside of the box and deliver.

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